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Why Should You Choose Linux Over Windows Web Hosting?


With the wide variety of web hosting packages available to the webmaster of today, it can be quite difficult to find the best solution for you. One such difficult choice is deciding whether a Linux or Windows web hosting package. First of all, the kind of operating system that your web host runs on does not directly affect your current computer and operating system. Some people mistakenly believe that they should go for a “compatible” system that they currently use—which then leaves the Mac OS X users at a complete loss.

For many experts, going for Linux web hosting is a great choice. Linux web hosting is proving to be a cost-efficient choice for many online entrepreneurs and those wanting to step up their game for their personal websites and blogs. Here are some of the advantages of Linux web hosting over its Windows counterpart.

Linux offers open source platform. Linux is the web hosting package choice for many web designers and developers because of its open source platform feature. Designers, programmers and developers can easily customize, modify, tweak, and distribute the site or application to the public, even during the early stages of development. Because of this open source platform, many programmers are motivated to improve various tools and technology associated with Linux systems. Most of the time, these programmers are not highly paid, but still continue to churn out great work to contribute to the development of the community.
Linux systems are very flexible. Flexibility is a great feature of Linux systems, and is something that consistently attracts developers and designers from all over. Aside from flexibility in design and development, Linux web hosting also offers flexibility of use to both individuals and companies. A Linux web hosting system can easily accommodate e-commerce features, blogging platforms, multimedia applications, and so much more. The people behind the website will also find it easy to update and modify the system, which means a better experience for the end users of the site.
Linux offers great rewards at minimal cost. Linux web hosting systems are trumpeted by experts as the most cost-efficient choice for any type of website development and deployment. Many entrepreneurs operating online are concerned with lowering operating costs to boost profits, and Linux web hosting packages are a great way to reduce operating expenses without compromising quality and user experience. Linux web hosting packages do not require expensive licensing fees like Windows does, which has a patent for all the technology associated with their web hosting packages. With Linux, literally everyone can start an online business without shelling out a fortune for capital. Popular online platforms such as phpBB, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal all run on Linux systems—we can safely conclude that with Linux, cheaper can be better.
Linux systems are secure and reliable. One of the worst things that could happen to an individual or company online is having sensitive information and data compromised. Even major technology brands, such as Apple, have all experienced breaches in security or hacking. Linux web hosting systems are very safe, if not more secure, compared to other types of web hosting packages. Software tweaks and upgrades on the server and maintenance are constantly deployed, which means that Linux web hosting systems can be more reliable than others because there are very few obsolete features lying about.
Linux systems offer simplicity and speed. A solution to a certain problem does not have to be complex to be brilliant. This is a fact that many users experience with Linux web hosting systems. It is very easy to use, and the learning curve need not be steep.

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