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Marketing Ideas For Home Builders

Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

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Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

The difference between a good home building company and a great one doesn’t lie on its construction techniques or floor plans: it lies on the marketing ideas for home builders they employ!

There’s no doubt that home builders have excellent construction and customer service skills, but most of them lack the necessary marketing and advertising expertise needed to increase their sales. They already employ many traditional marketing ideas for home builders, which tend to be quite effective on their own, but believe it or not, they’re starting to fall behind in this new era. In fact, the best marketing ideas for a home builder today rely mostly on a combination of social and online networking, which are becoming the first marketing ideas for new home builders of this generation, but which are a completely unexplored field for vets from previous generations.

Today, the best creative marketing ideas for home builders rely on a mix of a strong live and online presence, always keeping in mind the basic principles of exposure, communication and provision of relevant information to potential buyers. This is a strategy that anybody – experienced or not – can, and should, start using today.

If you’re just starting your home building business and are looking for new home builder marketing ideas, or if you’re a vet who wishes to come up with custom home builder marketing strategies to increase your online presence, here are our tips for you:

Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

Design an Engaging Website

This will be your company’s virtual office and showroom and the first online stop for potential customers. Just as your physical office, your website must leave a positive and professional first impression. You can achieve this through the following:

  1. Your website must be easy to find, so design it with the appropriate and most popular keywords for a maximum SEO or Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Make your site memorable and returnable through striking visuals, logos and outstanding design, and also through the use of cookies: ensure that your site places them on your customers’ computers when they visit your web page, so that they track the next few websites they visit and place your ads on those sites.
  3. Your website must be easy to navigate. Fast downloads and not be crammed with info on the first page. Everything must be simple, on place and fast. Otherwise, customers might feel overwhelmed or bored and leave.
  4. Most people today browse the internet through their mobile devices, so make your website mobile friendly through a proper responsive design, or else, you’ll miss a huge part of your audience.
  5. Provide informative and interesting information. Engage your audience by offering information about what’s in it for them (a mix of interesting information with proper SEO keywords will double your presence online) and keep any information about your company short, but sweet.
  6. Web customers are viewers, not readers, so show them what you offer through appealing visuals. There are 2D floor plans for home builders and 3D floor plans for home builders you can use for this purpose (we’ll touch more upon this point, though), and which will surely enchant them.
  7. Your website must have a sense of real value, be clear about what a customer will get with you, and provide simple contact ways so they can reach you easily.

Use Photography, Aerial Visuals, and Architectural 3D Renderings

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth 1,000 words”, so double your site’s worth by showing more and telling less through the following visuals:

        1. As we mentioned earlier, employ 2D floor plans for home builders, 3D floor plans for home builders or even videos so that your customers can get an idea of what they’re getting. If you don’t know how to achieve 3D floor plans, you can get some info on 3D floor plans online and get extra info about what are 3D architecture renders and the common uses for 3D renders so you can start making your own today.
          3D Floor Plan Rendering Services

          *Floor Plan Rendering Options

          For more information, 3D floor plan rendering service, Floor Plan Imaging has teamed up with our infrastructure and can help with any industry questions i.e. apartment lease up marketing plan, 2D vs 3D vs Virtual Tours, and what is best solution for your property and marketing goals.

        2. Drones are amazing marketing ideas for home builders, as they will get you aerial photographs of the building, the property and the surrounding area. What’s more, it will present your company as incredibly tech-savvy, reliable and professional.
        Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

        Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

        Create a Virtual Staging and/or Tour

        Virtual tours are online open houses, and if you design a tour using the 3D floor plans or a video, you’re more likely to impress your potential customers.

        In the past, people used to rely solely on videos, which still work, but not for pre-construction marketing, as there’s nothing yet to see. That’s where 3D floor plans for home builders are more than needed in order to stage a virtual 3D presentation that’s nearly impossible to tell from the real product. Although quite an investment, having this kind of advanced software that lets you re-imagine your future buildings through sophisticated technology can help you show your upcoming project in a perfectly staged setting.

        You can achieve this through high-quality web design services, which will bring back lots of what you invested in your 3D flooring software.

        Engage with Your Customers

        Now that you know how to create a killer website from scratch, it’s time to go to the next step of our marketing ideas for home builders: reach your target audience, both old and new, by offering newcomers complete information that can satisfy their curiosity and by maintaining continuous engagement with your previous clients.

        Through cookies and online home builder ads, you’ll reach old and new customers; satisfied customers, however, will become one of your best marketing tools through their online reviews and word-of-mouth advertising. This is advertising you can’t buy: you earn it. Once you have the customers’ trust, they’ll happily tell others about their experience with you.

        In fact, engaging directly with people is a much more powerful tool that you can imagine, and something you must do as soon as you can in order to increase your presence among your audience. Let us show you how.

        Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

        Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

        Target Your Audience

        First things first: who are your clients? Who seeks your services? Targeting the right audience will help you direct your time and efforts towards actual value and not waste your time with uninterested parties. Once you determine who are your ideal buyers, target them directly.

        Connecting with potential buyers, even if they’re not interested now, might drop you a call later, or even tell people about you. This means that even uninterested prospects have the potential to become your customers. For these cases, network with them and encourage them to share your information with others.


        A well-done telemarketing campaign will bring in customers, old and new. Done incorrectly, however, can repel people away. You don’t need cutting-edge virtual technology for this, though: this time, it’s all about targeting and providing information to the right people, which can be done easily through the following steps:

        1. As we mentioned above, know exactly your target audience and prepare a plan to contact them. Get in touch with them and let them know what you’re offering with an announcement of a new project, a final offer or a new deal.
        2. Since telemarketing is time-consuming and requires special skill involved, consider hiring a special telemarketing company to do the hard job on your behalf.
        3. Only call potential buyers and don’t waste time with people who don’t have buying ability.
        4. Once you’ve found potential clients, schedule a personal meeting to close the deal. Face-to-face exposure it’s the best, and only, way to complete a sale.

        Start an Email Campaign

        Email marketing campaigns are highly effective, cost effective and super creative marketing ideas for home builders. They’re the easiest and least invasive method to reach out people, as they offer potential buyers the option to ignore or explore your offers. For a successful email marketing, follow these tips:

        1. The first thing you have to do is to create a list where you include your key prospects. The more people—the right people—, the better.
        2. Manage your list with an email service provider and provide clear incentives and offers on your website so that people subscribe and provide their email addresses to you. Your message must state clearly what you offer with a catchy headline that grabs the reader’s attention and tempts them to open your mail and browse through its contents.
        3. Design your email campaign as a series of messages that build out on your offer. Sooner or later, they will feel curious and reach you out for any sale you promote on your emails.

        Use Social Media

        Social media is the greatest weapon for every successful networking campaign in these years. In fact, the 5 best marketing ideas for home builders lies on the internet: informational YouTube videos, Search Engine Optimization, Web Directories, social media marketing through a Facebook business page and a Twitter account (Instagram, Pinterest and similar platforms are great landing pages too), and Remarketing (basically, remembering your users to revisit your site if they lose contact with you). Physical networking and email campaigns are highly effective advertising, but only social media connections take these campaigns to a different, and far more successful, level.

        Social media is a powerful tool that every successful builder and home improvement remodeler should have. It has increased our reach and improved conversion rates, too!
        Geneva Home Loans of Arizona

    1. Engaging actively in your social media and keeping constant communication with your clients attract search engines and raise your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Your ranking improves, however, if have online presence at real estate specialty sites. In fact, if you’re a serious and professional home seller, you need to set up a Zillow account – now. Network with realtors (they are excellent sources of qualified leads) and you’ll eventually garner an excellent online persona.
      Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

      Marketing Ideas for Home Builders

      Home Builder Marketing Ideas

      We’re living in the digital age – technology has brought many new creative marketing ideas for home builders and made home builder ads distribution so easy and affordable that even new home builders simply can get a head-start and surpass vet companies with the new technology available. Today’s software and social media have revolutionized marketing ideas for home builders, and will continue to do so in the upcoming future.

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