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Best Free Blog Sites

Best Free Blog Sites

What are the best free blog sites? If you’re a blogger, there are quite a few. However, WordPress seems to be the most used blog site for bloggers, in virtually every niche. WordPress offers multiple themes for any type of blog you create. It also has plugins, SEO tools, different colors and styles you can incorporate, and other great features to utilize for blogging.

Best Free Blog Sites

Besides using WordPress, there are a few other websites you can try. You’ll have to play around with website design to determine what you want your blog to look like. It ultimately comes down to your preferences, and what you are looking for in a website builder. 

Best for General Blogging

As highlighted above, if you just want general blogging, WordPress is the best free blog site. It’s free to sign up for. It allows you fully customization of your website and it’s easy to manipulate. The drawbacks include:Best Free Blog Sites

  • You don’t have a custom domain (unless you upgrade your membership).
  • You’re limited in your ability to monetize (you can do so, but not much).
  • There are some limits in customization.

On the flip side, WordPress allows you to set up a blog about anything. It’s easy to garner traction because people know about the platform. There is free WordPress hosting (limited) but you can pay for a host if you want to grow your website over time. If it’s simplicity, trustworthiness, and a major platform to attract an audience you are looking for, go with WordPress.

Best for Those who Want Simplicity

If you want a blog that’s easy to set up, easy to write in, and doesn’t require any tech know-how, is it. The host offers modern themes you can choose from, easy customization features, and a simplistic, minimalist editor. After setting up your site, you’re ready to start blogging. If you need hosting, DigitalOcean is their hosting provider (affordable) and they’ll do the tech side of things for you.

You can see live previews of your text before posting, and the sidebar near the text bar allows you to adjust settings. You can easily integrate headings, images, videos, and other features into your blog with drag and drop features. It’s simple, clean, and great for general bloggers.

Best for those who Want to Earn a Little Side Money Blogging

For those who want to monetize their writing a little bit, is the option to go with in this case. It’s similar to other hosted platforms in setup/design, you choose your default theme, and start writing. There are no complicated hoops to jump through or long questionnaires to fill out. If you are okay with not owning your site, and just want to blog, this is your solution. Where does the monetization come in? comes with ad spaces to plug into your blogs. So, you can add affiliate products/links, external blogs/sites, and earn more by posting those through the ad spaces on your personal blog.

In Conclusion

If you’re a blogger looking for simplicity, maneuverability, and ease of use, WordPress is the top option when comparing the best free blog sites online. It’s easy to use, easy to create content, share on your website, and reach the masses. Plus, you can pay a small fee monthly with a host like BlueHost, and have them manage the website for you. This will guarantee your content is always relevant, reaches the masses, and that you’ll have unmetered bandwidth, email support, and online support if you need it. If you are looking to grow your brand, many businesses use Magento websites for their software.

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